Have It All - Gregory Nicholas Malouf

Turn your thinking around and find success in 6 simple steps.

  • Attain happiness and abundance in all areas of your life
  • Increase your wealth by improving your productivity
  • Access strategies to handle life's challenges

Leading Authority on Building Great Teams Based on Healthy 'I's

The fuel for top grade, high performance teams is healthy I’s.

A Healthy 'I' is:

  • Self Aware
  • Connected
  • Focussed
  • Productive
  • Resilient
  • Happy

A healthy ‘I’ is on the path to mastering their internal world, to excel in the external world.

A healthy 'I’ is hungry to learn more about themselves and others to produce amazing results.

Gregory & his team can sure up the foundation of your business; your people, and their state of mind.

Gregory's programs help people to:

  • Develop deep self awareness
  • Smash through their limiting beliefs
  • Learn to stay focused on their Whole Vision
  • Build highly valuable and nurturing relationships in the workplace

They will rewire their brains to truly excel.

This will lead to greater productivity, passion & positive attitudes in your business.

To get any of your technical training to stick, you have to deal with the layer below it first; the psychological side. The human side.

We are always going to have challenges, from now until the day we die. That’s called life. When we better learn to manage those challenges, we better learn to manage our life and truly create our success.


Do something for someone else today

Feeling you’re fit within an organization is vital for your success within it. Giving someone a little bit of your time today can turn your day from an ordinary one to an extraordinary one. Of course, we can spend the day self-absorbed and focused on our own success. Or, we can do both better! By […]

I don’t have enough time in my day

Today I experienced some serious self doubt…again! It is the most common thing I hear people say to me. “Greg, I just don’t have enough time in my day.” I’ve felt the same, and understand this feeling all too well! You are either not excited about where you are in your life right now, or […]

You Only Have One Life

We end our discussion of the myths that keep many people stuck with an explanation of the third myth. Myth 3: Our work is something separate from the rest of our life. A common belief is that work is something separate from the rest of life, something that is meant to be difficult or challenging. […]

Good Relationships are Vital to Workplace Success

Our discussion of the myths that keep many people stuck continues with an explanation of the second myth. Myth 2:  We can’t expect to get along with everyone in the workplace. How we perceive ourselves impacts how we see and relate to others.  Negative or misaligned self-perceptions can put a strain on an organization.  Someone […]

What others have said...

"Wow you really hit a cord! What you taught our team in 1 hour they would need a life time to learn."

LJ Levi, Mark Meyer, Director

"Brilliant team building session. Golden tips that will enable us to further catapult our business to the next level.”

The Oxford Group, Sally-Anne McQuillan

"With Greg's Success Wheel' it is clear how by changing some simple thought processes, we are in a better position to 'enjoy the journey' and manage the internal pressures we put on ourselves."

CAAA accounting firm, Scott Chambers

When Gregory Malouf’s world fell apart — despite amazing financial success — he began a quest for answers to his deepest questions: “What has my life been about? Surely there must be meaning to all of this?” What he discovered changed him forever. Now, through his writing, he has made it his mission to share these important spiritual healing lessons with everyone who wishes to: be free of stress, unease, fear and pain, have better relationships, gain a true understanding of his or her life’s purpose, and live with joy and peace.

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